Sebastian Du Lac

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Don Sebastian Du Lac, Bastard of Crimson Moon, Wetlands, Patron Saint of Damn Tasty Gumbo

"Don Sebastian du Lac"
Home Park Crimson Moon
Kingdom Kingdom of the Wetlands
Year Started 1999
Noble Title Duke
Belt Status Knight of the Flame, Knight of the Serpent

  • ”Why do I feel like I just got voluntold to cook a gumbo?” - Sebastian
  • "Never underestimate the entertainment value of the mentally ill-equipped." - Sebastian
  • "I can always appreciate that, next to Bas, I'm a saint...." - Sir Furball



Sebastian began playing Amtgard in October of 1999. Since then, he has seen and been an integral part of the chapter's history. He became the first Ducal Champion of Crimson Moon in 2001, and has retained numerous offices since then. The first Kingdom Officer of the Wetlands to hail from Crimson Moon, and the first member of Crimson Moon to recieve a ladder masterhood (Master Rose), Sebastian still hosts kingdom and park-level events, fighter practices, feasts, and continually strives to better his chapter and Kingdom in any way he can.

Sebastian founded Four Winds Fighting Company in 2002, and then abruptly disbanded the company in July of 2009.

On December 12th, 2009, Sebastian became the first Native Son of Crimson Moon to be knighted by the Kingdom of the Wetlands. Even cooler is that he is, to date, the ONLY person knighted on Louisiana soil. His liege, Sir Luke, was joined by his long-time friends and mentors, Sir Feral and Sir Margul, in dropping the sword, Feral even cried.

Knighted into the Order of the Serpent in 2013. Sirs Feral and LadyHawk presided over what looked like a "wedding" ceremony in which Sebastian and his wife, Dame Samara du Lac were bestowed Serpent belts. In lieu of the traditional sword being used to knight them, a wooden fork and spoon were used. This brought an interesting reaction from the crowd, as Samara was made to vow that she would not spoon with any other but Sebastian, and likewise, Sebastian was made to vow that he would never fork another but Samara. I think Sebastian got the raw end of THAT deal, as was noted by most of the onlookers...

RETIRED IN 2018. Reasons unknown.

A rather Newbie-ish member of CM wrote a poem about Sebastian for WL DragonMaster at the September Mid-Reign in 2014. Here is his work:

The Tale of the Infamous Bas By: Fenris Blackfang

I once knew a man that was truly old But his tale is still told Over the years his head has gained mass This is a tale of the infamous Bas

This man he is shorter than me And over a counter he cannot see He jumps up to reach, but it is so sad He's still shorter than the shortest lad

All of you newbies had better watch out Mean ol bas likes to see you pout A better knight has never been known When he takes the field we all groan

In the year 1999 His wavier he did sign And ever since that day We have all been in dismay

He even has a third mask How did he accomplish this task by roleplaying a door Without falling on the floor

When there are no newbies left to slay And he calls it quits for the day He lies down on his back And enjoys his single barrel jack

Bas because you are number 8 You are the subject of hate But bas please don’t be mad You are the best knight cm has ever had

Awww... he's so fucking sweet, isn't he?

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Sebastian was Squired to Sir Luke Wyngarde, who is the fount of his beltline.

Sir Luke Wyngarde (Flame 2000)

Offices Held

Kingdom Offices
  • Wetlands Guildmaster of Reeves x6 (Reigns XXI, XXII, XXIII, XXIV, XXX, XXXIV)
  • Emperor of the Wetlands, Reign XXVI (Dec. 2008-June 2009)
  • Regent of the Wetlands, Reign XXXIII (June 2012 - Dec. 2012)
  • Regent of the Wetlands, Reign XL (December 2015 - June 2016)
  • Wetlands Guildmaster of Knights, Reigns XXXII, XXXIX
  • Wetlands Board of Directors (Multiple)
Local Offices

Notable Accomplishments

  • Knight of the Flame - Knighted jointly by Sir Luke, Sir Feral, and Sir Margul, on behalf of the Wetlands Circle of Knights, in the reign of Sir Margul (December 12, 2009)
  • Knight of the Serpent - Knighted June 1st, 2013 by The Wetlands Circle of Knights
  • Walker in the Middle - awarded by His Highness King Zachry Ironwolf (June 2013)
  • Voted into the Top Ten Wetlanders of the Decade (2000-2010)
  • Master Bard, awarded by His Resplendence King JuJu Hex Mojo of the Wetlands (September 2011)
  • Master Druid, awarded by His Resplendence King JuJu Hex Mojo of the Wetlands (September 2011)
  • Master Rose, given by Admiral Oz of the Wetlands (November 2007)
  • Master Garber, given by General Margul of the Wetlands (May 2010)
  • Master Smith, given by King Ascolis of the Wetlands (December 2012)
  • Baronet, Given by Emperor Luke Wyngarde of the Wetlands (December 2005)
  • Baron, Given by King Redhawk of the Wetlands (December 2006)
  • Count, Given by Tyrant Margul Malorious of the Wetlands (September 2008)
  • Duke, Given by King Sir Kane of the Wetlands (June 2009)
  • Arch Duke, Given by HRM King Draggo Vindictus (June 11, 2016)
  • Recipient of Four Wetlands Order of the Flame (Four Winds x2, Crimson Moon x2)
  • Married Samara du Lac, and the Wetlands is still wondering how he pulled that off...
  • Managed to Knight his own wife when he was Monarch, without a single complaint from the populace. (WL CoK chooses knights, not the king...)

Not-So Notable Accomplishments

  • Was once banned from wearing shorts to Crimson Moon due to his white legs.
  • Is permanently forbidden from playing any sort of Dragon at Crimson Moon
  • Earned his 3rd Order of the Mask for Role-Playing a Door...
  • Once kicked Luke in the balls on camera...
  • Was dubbed "Master Bastard" for "Beyond Thunderdrum", a bardic competition held at the Joint Coronations of the CK and WL in May '08.
  • Referred to as "The Bas-o-Crat" by some, because in almost every major event, he's running something
  • Voted "Best Douche-Bag" for the semi-annual Wetlands Soggy Awards (2013)

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More Information

Is commonly referred to as "#8" by the members of Crimson Moon, ask them for details.

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