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Squire Guylain of StormHaven Proper, Kingdom of Viridian Outlands

”Burn witches, not bridges. Unless shes on a bridge and the troll is collateral.”



Started playing Amtgard in April of 2013. Enjoys crafting and travelling to other parks. Enjoys playing warrior, scout and druid.

Affiliated Groups

Viridian Outlands


Saracens - Initiate of Tribe of a Thousand Tales - Fighting Company

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

Paragon Warrior 2015-07-25 Excellence in playing the role of warrior

Order of the Garber 1 2015-04-25 Making garb for a friend.

Order of the Mask 1 2015-04-25 Personification of a Warrior

Order of the Owl 1 2013-10-26

Order of the Owl 2 2014-06-14

Order of the Owl 3 2014-10-18 Superior weapon construction

Order of the Rose 1 2014-10-18 Bringing Water to park days

Order of the Rose 2 2014-10-18 Bringing people to and from amtgard

Order of the Smith 1 2015-04-25 Quest creation and running

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