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History of firsts in knightings.

First Knight Ever

Tawnee was on March 27, 1983 knighted in the Burning Lands, before it was called, that by Peter La Grue Before the belts were separated as we know them today. She was granted this honor for winning the first crown tourney and becoming the First Monarch of Amtgard, by Right of Arms.

First Knight of the Crown

These belts were given before the partitioning of the belts and were ret-coned into separate orders later.

First Knight of the Flame

These belts were given before the partitioning of the belts and were ret-coned into separate orders later.

First Knight of the Serpent

Sir Esoum was knighted in the order of the Serpent on May 4th 1985, in the Burning Lands. She was awarded this honor for her metallurgy and varied skills spanning the Arts and Sciences

There are some that say that Gwynne was the first knight of the serpent(Serpent 08-1984). Her belt being given before Esoum's but also before the belts were partitioned.

First Knight of the Sword

First 4-belted knight

More information on the Belts before they were partitioned. (This information provided by Sir Clalibus) Belts were not partitioned in this time as we know it, they were a knight or not a knight and the original knights of this era were later (Althing on 5-4-85) backdated to have them fill into a defined belt line. a cute aside: the rulebook at this time even stated if you played a squire for a designated amount of time you WOULD receive a knight title (Charloc and Hellspawn being the only two that ever capitalized on this)

The belting ceremony when they first divided them up came much later. once the partition happened (Althing on 4-12-85 peoples belts were deemed of a specific order roughly on what they now qualified for, those who didn't meet any quals were deemed flame nights as a general dumping ground)

they made an event of knighting people in each order 5-4-85 Nashomi's endreign/M'deth's coronation

Actual recipients of the specific designation of a unique knighthood were

  • M'Deth of Benden : sword
  • Kalibria de Grenoille and Aramithris of meadowlake were both : flame
  • Esuom aph'Taed : serpent
  • crown : on the knighting day Nashomi, the stepping down monarch who would have received the first crown belt was already a crown knight under the lion/griffin criteria that he obtained on 10-22-83 and the post dating of belts from the Althing that defined their roles. so M'Deth upon his stepping down was the first crown knight made under the unique definitions of the belt

First 4-belted Knight Outside of The Burning Lands

Our First Knights; of each Kingdom

This is a listing of the first Knights of each of the kingdoms of Amtgard. Please add those you know, this history is going fast!

Blackspire; Sir Fodder

Burning Lands; Sir Tawnee Darkfalcon

In the Burning lands many belts were given before the belts were partitioned. So much of this is a matter of opinion. Please see the above 'firsts'

Celestial Kingdom;Sir Michael Hammer of God

Crystal Groves; Dame Angela Mastersinger

Dragonspine; Sir Egil Njalssen

Emerald Hills; Dame Reyna

  • Crown - Sir Reyna Knighted at the 1st Coronation of The Emerald Hills in June of 88' by the King of the Burning Lands, Sir M'Deth.
  • Flame - Sir Delphos Knighted at the first Clan in July of 88' by the Monarch of the Burning Lands, Sir M'Deth for his service to the club and starting the Emerald Hills.
  • Serpent - Sir Alessandra Knighted by Queen Reyna for her skills at the sewing table and supplying most if not all of the original populace members of the Emerald Hills with some sort of garb..
  • Sword - Sir Nevron Knighted By Queen Reyna at the 1st Clan in July of 88'.

Golden Plains; Sir Dustin Darkenmane

Goldenvale; Sir Brandobis MacGreggor

Iron Mountains;Sir Gui ben Amon

If you want first knights regardless of who knighted them:

  • (Rift Gorhan Tele was knighted sword in 1985 by the BL, but I believe that was before he founded the IM)

'If you mean first knights made by the kingdom, I think it would be:'


Northern Lights

  • Crown -
  • Flame - Sir Kaylin Underhell - Knighted at Northern Lights Coronation Campout in March 2014 by King Warlord Sho Obsidyn
  • Serpent - Syr Darrian de Craymore - Knighted at Northern Lights Coronation Campout in March 2014 by King Warlord Sho Obsidyn
  • Sword - Sir Shyden Hellsfire Knighted at Rosewood XIII - Northern Lights Summer Midreign in May 2014 by Queen Samantha Nemoralis

Rising Winds; Sir Rigel Orionis

Westmarch; Dame Leah


First knights of Defunct Kingdoms

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