Wolfram Bloodletter

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Grand Duke Sir Wolfram Bloodletter, of the Iron Mountains


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Wolfram is one of the elder statesmen of the Iron Mountains. Wolfram is a three-belted knight; he holds Flame, Sword, and Crown.

One of the top fighters in Amtgard history, Wolfram may no longer be in his prime but still commands respect. There was a stretch during the 90s where many considered him the best fighter in the game. He was known for his efficiency in combat, no wasted movements.

Affilated Groups

Captain and long-time member of the Claw Legion

Belted Line

Wolfram has graduated numerous squires, including Gamelon Nuttingham, Airleas Aiobhell, Thor Tandræbe, Otter Valinor, and Kane Blackwraith. Before he was welcomed into the peerage Wolfram was Squire to Aramithris who was Squire to Nashomi who was Squire to Tawnee.

Extended Belted Family

I:Sir Gamelon Nuttingham (Sword)
II:Sir Airleas Aiobhell (Flame) (Serpent)

III:Sir Thor Tandræbe(Sword) (Serpent)

IV:Sir Otter Valinor (Flame) (Also Squired to Lief)
V:Sir Kane Blackwraith(Serpent)

Notable Accomplishments



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