Mushroom Shrine

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a defunct chapter of the Wetlands, Located in Pasadena, Texas.




One of the oldest parks in the Kingdom of the Wetlands, founded around 1993. When it first started, it was called Shire Rayburn. As the players played on one of the practice football fields behind Sam Rayburn High School where they(we) attended. Shortly thereafter MS moved to Strawberry Park and took it's name from the concrete pavilion. After several unfortunate injuries the hill at MS was dubbed "Blood-drop Hill." Various geographic features of the park have been given similarly flavorful (flurby) names. The area near the back with the concrete picnic tables is "The Crypt." The stone statuary next to that is the "Graveyard." The small copse of trees with the playground is the"Forest." The war memorial to the north east was named "Memorial to Fallen Warriors." The swimming pool next to the Shrine is "Stone Lake" and the tennis courts with adjoining pro shop/locker room was occasionally called the "Oasis."

Mushroom Shrine was returned to barony status in October of 2009 by Dictator Kane.

In 2011 the shrine was moved again to the ye old records rolls for inactivity.


Photos of the Mushroom Shrine


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Contacts and Directions

Mushroom Shrine met at Strawberry Park in Pasadena Texas on Saturdays @ 2pm. Strawberry park is located just off of Spencer Highway between Strawberry and Lafferty.