Sun's Haven

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Amtgard Chapter
Suns Haven Heraldry.jpg
Sun's Haven
Kingdom Desert Winds
Status Duchy
City Phoenix, AZ
Park Encanto park
Meets on Saturday
Founded 2006
Active '

The Duchy of Sun's Haven in the Kingdom of Desert Winds, located in Encanto park, Phoenix, AZ

History and Founding

Sun's Haven, formerly High Oasis, was formed in Sept of 2006 by Sirs Kudzu and Pollux after Ardent Sands became defunct. Sun's Haven is the longest running chapter in Arizona, and has shown slow but constant growth. Awarded Barony status via Dragonspine Althing September 21, 2008. Awarded Duchy status via Dragonspine Althing November 6, 2015. Left Dragonspine for Desert Winds March 7, 2020.

Sun's Haven hosts the annual Southwestern Wars event, the only Amtgard event for Arizona, at the end of March every year. The park is also a co-host to the tri-state event, Crossroads, that is hosted near Blythe, CA along with Terra De Votum and Siar Geata in November.


Monarch - Baronettess Sid NaNuWhoGod
Regent - Baron Hodr Rimefrost
Champion - Lord Alika
Prime Minister - Lord Krod Featherbritches
Guildmaster of Reeves - Zachariah

Contacts and Directions

Sun's Haven meets every Saturday at Encanto Park off of 15th Avenue & Holly (between Thomas and McDowell) in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. While the official start time is 2pm, some of our more die-hard members show up as early as 11am! Come out and join us!

Encanto Park Sports Complex
2121 N 15th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85007

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Sun's Haven People


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