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(Core-Pour-aa); n. From the Latin, body of law.

Belt favor with the printed words of Aramithris of Meadowlake on the subject of laws. From 1987, the same year that their corporation papers were received. Owned by Renity of the Golden Plains

What is it?

After the Rulebook, the most important Amtgard document. The corpora is a kind of bylaws for the Kingdom, and contains the rules for how the kingdom is run, how elections are held, Awards granted, and so forth. Contains a mix of both real-world and Amtgard regulations.

About half the kingdoms use the Burning Lands Corpora, and the rest use their own corpora, usually having to do with the differences between a Static Crown kingdom like Burning Lands and a Floating Crown one like the Celestial Kingdom.

Most kingdoms require candidates for office to pass a test on their corpora. The Celestial Kingdom also requires officers in Duchy and Barony positions to pass a test of their corpora.

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Kingdom Corpora