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A Defunct chapter of Burning Lands,once located in San Diego, California.



Nazzeroc was formed by several Amtgarders who had transferred to San Diego as part of their military service (Marines & Navy). It started around 2001-ish, and never really took off...

They initially had a proper set of officers, but after some drama a few years after formation melted down from "not quite a Barony" to "a few friends whacking each other".

Lucas The Lost eventually became bothered enough by this state of affairs to step up and do all the jobs that weren't getting done... which was pretty much everything (though Silvera was keeping the treasury). This would have been early 2005, or maybe even late 2004.

While performing his Official Duties, Lucas stumbled across another nearby shire, Strathclyde. After playing together for a while, the two eventually merged to form Siar Geata in August of 2005.

Despite a couple attempts, Nazzeroc never had a contract with the Burning Lands. Nazzeroc was a long-time member of the Crystalline Confederacy. These two statements may have had a strong correlation. BL & CC didn't exactly see eye-to-eye there for a while.


See also Siar Geata People.

Contacts and Directions

They used to meet at the Rancho Bernardo Community Park (which wasn't a particularly good location, save that it was relatively centrally located for its active members). Strathclyde's park was noticeably superior in terms of terrain and walkups.

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