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Lord, Squire Daenen Trelmayn Half-Elven, of IH, DW - Currently Suspended Indefinitely

”That just means Daenen needs a good beating, right?” - Petra


Daenen started Amtgard in Western Gate in the Summer of 2002. After moving to Utah, he helped, along with Fitz, Sev, and several others, to resurrect River's End. He helped the park grow from a Shire to a Barony, then to a Duchy shortly afterwards. He was also the one who came up with the name "The Desert Winds," and helped to write the future kingdom's corpora. In 2012, he moved parks to Iron Hold, which is much closer to his home in Provo. He helped to grow the local shire into a Barony.

At River's End, he has served as Duke, Regent, and Champion on multiple occasions. He also served as Kingdom Champion. After moving to Iron Hold, he has served as Prime Minister, first in a temporary fashion, then an elected official.

At Keep on the Borderlands 2013, he was squired to Sir Wisp.

Affiliated Groups

Jarl of Grendel Company, under Liam (Former)

White Mage of Paragons

House Macaroni Duck

Linden's Brute Squad (Officer)

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Master Healer

Champion, RE 2005

Duke, RE 2006

Regent, RE 2006-07

Autocrat at Salt War 2007

RP-o-crat at Rakis 2007

Kingdom Champion, DW 2011-12

Autocrat at Salt War 2013

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