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For a listing of all magic and abilities of the magic ball type, see: Magic Balls


These projectiles are thrown to represent various magical attacks and are not considered weapons. They represent magical energy, motes of elemental force, alchemical mixtures, and the like. These are thrown to represent various magical attacks and are not projectile weapons but follow the same construction requirements except as noted below.

  1. Must be a spherical object at least 2.5” in diameter.
  2. Must have a streamer between 1” and 6” long.
  3. All parts must be Strike-Legal.
    • These projectiles are exempt from a minimum foam depth for Strike-Legal.
  4. May be covered in non-abrasive cloth tape instead of cloth.
    • Duct tape may not be used as a cover.
  5. Will score a hit from any portion of the object.


Magic Balls Listing
Name Color School
Abeyance Green Subdual
Entangle Brown Subdual
Fireball Red Flame
Force Bolt Blue Sorcery
Iceball White Subdual
Lightning Bolt Yellow Flame
Phase Bolt Grey Sorcery
Sphere of Annihilation Black Sorcery
Suppression Bolt Purple Subdual

Magic Balls which are thrown and strike a player or object can have various effects. Unless otherwise noted:

  1. Players may only bring a number of Magic Balls on to the battlefield equal to the maximum uses allowed to them. Likewise, players may also only carry up to that amount at any given time.
    • Owners of Magic Balls may grant other players permission to carry their Magic Balls in order to return them to the owner or to the owner’s base. They may also grant other players permission to use their Magic Balls if the other person has the ability to do so.
  2. A Magic Ball must be held in the caster's hand by the end of the Incantation.
  3. Once a Magic Ball’s Incantation has been said, it is considered active until it hits a Player, Wielded Equipment, or Terrain. It will also become inactive if the caster begins an incantation or the material component stops being held in hand and has not been thrown. The caster can transfer an active Magic Ball from one hand to the other without it becoming inactive and can wield a weapon or shield in a hand that is also holding an active Magic Ball.
  4. A player may only have one Magic Ball active at a time.
  5. Magic Balls of the Subdual School have no effect on equipment that is not being carried.
    • Example: You may not Iceball a player’s shield if it is not being wielded or carried by them.
  6. Magic Balls discharge and attempt to affect the first Player, Wielded Equipment, or Terrain they hit; Magic Balls are not engulfing unless noted.
  7. Barring any Enchantments or magical effects, garb strikes count as hitting the player if the Magic Ball would have continued on to hit the player.
  8. Magic Balls do not damage armor unless otherwise noted.
  9. Magic Balls are not stopped by Protection from Projectiles, Missile Block, and other similar magic and abilities.

Additional notes:

  • Effects and States caused by Magic Balls last 60 seconds.
  • Starting an Incantation renders the player’s active Magic Balls inactive.

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Magic Balls
Bard: None
Druid: Entangle 1 · Iceball 2 · Force Bolt 4
Healer: Entangle 2 . Iceball 3 . Abeyance 5
Wizard: Force Bolt 1 · Entangle 2 · Suppression Bolt 2 · Iceball 3 · Lightning Bolt 3 · Fireball 4 · Phase Bolt 5 · Sphere of Annihilation 6