Magic Armor

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Magic Armor is provided by some Enchantments. The specific enchantment will denote a number of points of Magic Armor that are granted to each hit location.

  1. Enchantments which grant Magic armor fail when targeting a player with worn armor. Players may not don worn armor while bearing an enchantment which grants magic armor. If Magic Armor is granted from two different sources only the highest value present is used and all others are ignored.
    Example: A player is wearing both Gift of Earth (2 points of Magic Armor) and Barkskin (1 point of Magic Armor). Since Gift of Earth is the highest value the Magic Armor from Barkskin is ignored. If Gift of Earth is removed the player will have a new Magic Armor maximum of 1 point. All locations greater than 1 point will be lowered to 1 point while all locations at 1 point or lower will remain unchanged.
  2. Magic Armor may be the target of magic or effects that affect armor such as Armor Breaking, Fireball, etc.
  3. Magic Armor may be repaired like any other armor.
  4. Magic Armor covers all locations on a player without any gaps in coverage.
  5. Unless otherwise noted in the description of the Enchantment, Magic Armor can never benefit from armor enhancement abilities or magics such as Ancestral Armor or Imbue Armor.
    Example: Stoneskin is naturally considered Ancestral Armor, but Barkskin can not benefit from Ancestral Armor in any way.
  6. Players may wear more Magic Armor than their class maximum allows. A class which cannot wear any armor can still wear Magic Armor.
  7. Unless otherwise noted Magic Armor behaves identically to normal armor.
  8. The presence of Magic Armor must be announced to any opponents at the beginning of an engagement if possible; Magic Armor should not result in a ‘surprise survival’