Atlas Everdeen

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Highest Title Belt line Atlas Everdeen, of Satyr's Crossing, Kingdom of the Rising Winds

Atlas Everdeen
Atlas & Lando, Keep on the Borderlands VIII
Chapter Satyr's Crossing
Kingdom Rising Winds
Started 2013
Belted Status WoMan-at-Arms
Belted Under Manama

”No, its Drunk-a-hontas, SLAYER of the hay bails, QUEEN of the pork chops you uncultured swine!”


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Belted Family

Sir Manama Proster (Serpent)

Affiliated Groups

Household Kin Errant
Elders Lando the Lost Satyr, Atlas Everdeen, Brother Barnabas
Kingdom Rising Winds
Focus Leadership & Roleplay
Founded July 8th, 2017

Kin Errant Leadership (Household)


Notable Accomplishments

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