Kin Errant

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Kin Errant (Mask, Paragon, and Rose driven Household)

Household Kin Errant
Elders Lando the Lost Satyr, Atlas Everdeen, Brother Barnabas
Kingdom Rising Winds
Focus Leadership & Roleplay
Founded July 8th, 2017

Kin Errant Leadership (Household)


Blazon: Per chevron purpure and sable, a chevronel argent, in chief around a mullet of four greater and four lesser points argent a moon decrescent argent, in base a goat’s head to sinister couped argent.


Kin Errant is a heavily family oriented Household heavily driven to help support and develop its members into Leadership roles within Amtgard while maintaining a high standard of respect both on and off the field. Kin Errant also liens towards a casual to heavy level of roleplay who's members act as a circle of clever entertainers, friendly vagabonds, mercenaries, merchants, and guides who all share a common element of having been forsaken or banished from their families or homes due to some perceived "muddying" of family blood.

Kin Errant welcomes any and all who seek sanctuary from the political drama and oppressive restrictions of bureaucracy while plying whatever trade that fits their fancy. Kin Errant seeks to encourage and enlighten all members within their inner circle to master their respective trades in a casual and rich Role Play community.


Lando the Lost Satyr sought to find his way to the land known as Satyr's Crossing, hoping to reconnect with what may have been his father's history. His adventure to the land was not without harsh lessons, dark realities, and painful truths. Despite the darkness Lando had found many he had come to call his fellow "brothers and sisters of adventure", children of the road who had been outcast for circumstances out of their control and yet had found a way to make the most of it and survive.

Although Lando failed to find his father's history he instead found a circle of like-minded youth all who shared their bastard birth in common. Despite their history they each sought to use their skills and talents to make the world a better place. It was at these crossroads away from their mutually traumatic origins that they had found a new, more enlightened path, and it was at that time the Kin Errant was founded.

Although many can claim the Kin Errant to be similar to that of a formal house with lands and armies of their own, the Kin Errant frequent within the halls of taverns, around the campfires of traveling caravans, or amidst any gathering of souls worth entertaining to which the Moon's light blesses. Not a family to call any one place home, their home is instead within their hearts and those who they choose to share their company with.

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