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The Household of Amazons is the largest and longest continuous Household in all of Amtgard. It is also the premier all-female household in Amtgard.



While we allow no male members, we fully recognize and celebrate all the men of Amtgard. It takes women and men for there to be the rich diversity that is Amtgard.

This Household is never about any single Amazon. In that direction lies division. The power in this Household is shared between all full Amazons equally.

The decision of whether a petitioner is accepted lies with Andralaine and Weilok, our most Honored Mothers. These women have worked hard, through adversity, to bring the Amazons to the standard it holds today.

The Household of Amazons is built on honor, and determined to see through what is precious: an all female household of support and service to Amtgard and one another.


When Andralaine joined Amtgard in the summer of 1983, the Isacar were already formed.

  • Pan left Amtgard and Andralaine took over the company because she wanted to keep an all female fighting Company going.
  • Abedon then quit, yet Andralaine kept the company going, though much reduced until Esoum joined the company shortly after her October Events in 1984 introduction to Amtgard.
  • This was in the day when some members of Amtgard were trying to establish gender separated fighting.
  • For four years, with Andralaine as Captain and Esoum as Lieutenant, the Isacars grew in strength and numbers.
  • They held feasts and events, and people knew who they were as a Company.

When Andralaine came back from Italy in 1989, many things were different, so she talked about starting up the Amazons as a Household.

  • The Amazons in the SCA was, and still is without structure.
  • Both the SCA and the Amtgard Amazons were designed as all female from the beginning.
  • Any woman was free to join, no absolute standards, no real rules, no absolute age requirements.

In 1993, Weilok, who had been a High Mother for about a year, and Andralaine, the only two full Mothers left, along with their few daughters, shut down the Household to new members for a year due to the need to fully organize the household.

  • The rules of life were unknown, yet a rough structure of taking new daughters was begun.
  • For nearly seven years afterwards, only Andi and Weilok could take a daughter and thereby create an Amazon.
  • A few were permitted to come in as Independents, but only by mutual concurrence of the Mothers, Andralaine and Weilok.

In the last ten years, the Household of Amazons has changed dramatically.

  • Careful and deliberate changes have been implemented by the Mothers, Andralaine and Weilok.
  • The Rules of Life which were only nigglings in Weilock's and Andralaine's heart over the next ten years become our standards of behavior.
  • Due to the growth of the Amazons in general, no Amazon will be accepted without an initiate period under a full Amazon.
  • Amazon mothers have the greatest responsibility in the household: they are encouraged to take initiate daughters in order to make knowing recommendations for new members to the High Mothers.
  • Amazon Mothers become in-situ mothers in their own parks as well, finding mutual support and respect from their sister and daughter Amazons.
  • Indeed, Weilok and Andralaine count on the Mother recommendations when they can not personally get to know each new initiate.
  • Due to the far-flung range of women in Amtgard, and Amazons across the nation, three Grand Mistresses have also been appointed.
  • These Grand Mistresses are given the responsibility to accept the recommendations of the Amazon Mothers in regards to new members in the name of the Grand/High Mothers at larger events.

Rules of Life

The Amazon Household is mighty, and crosses all kingdoms, politics, and concerns. Other Households may be taken, but the goals of this one will be held above all others for we are here to serve and promote women within Amtgard. The individual goal is to work for the betterment of Amtgard within the group you serve regardless of belt or title.

  • An Amazon shall honor her Mother, and the Mothers of her Mothers. Amazons shall treat Daughters as the precious gifts they are to Amtgard and the future of our Dream.
  • An Amazon shall not gossip against others, nor take the name of the Mothers in vain. Problems within the Household shall be kept inside the Household. Seek out our Queen Mothers, the Grand Mistresses, or any other Mother for the resolution of any problems.
  • An Amazon will stand proud: never arrogant. You, nor women in general are better than others, nor better than men. It takes both to have Amtgard, it takes all to make the Dream live.
  • An Amazon does not fear or degrade her sexuality, and as it is something to be honored as something sacred - an Amazon will be discrete and not base the merit of her work on the merit of her sexuality and her expression thereof.
  • An Amazon will never steal.
  • An Amazon shall not consistently whine, complain, act immature, or self-centered way which results in what is termed "drama." Those showing these weaknesses amongst us makes us look bad and weakens our Household
  • An Amazon shall always set the example in fighting; by killing heavily on the battlefield to bring honor to the Amazons, and by encouraging and assisting newbies to the field.
  • An Amazon shall set the example off the field in serving, in sewing, in the arts, in protecting, and in organizing, whether belted, crowned, titled or not.
  • An Amazon shall not have a potty mouth. It is understood that a few words get past, it is understood that one can become empassioned about something, but "watch your language, there are ladies present" should be the standard we would want to hear about us from others. Titled or not, Lady should be a standard to be earned through action, word and deed
  • An Amazon shall keep the AmtAmazon List apart from the other worlds of Amtgard. The AmtAmazon list is of the Amazons, and for all the women of Amtgard. Among our circle of women there is freedom and peace that is unknown on other lists. Other lists have flamage, ours is about supporting one another - finding the good.
  • An Amazon will spread the word that the Amazons is the support group for all women in Amtgard, whether they are one of our numbers or not. They must know by our words, by our example, that they can come to any of us for any need of support or assistance, no matter how small the problem



Amazons at Spring War 2007

High Mothers: Dame Lady Andralaine, Grand Duchess Dame Weilok
Grand Mistresses: Grand Duchess Dame Mistress Wynd, Countess Dame Mezzie
Duchess Dame Aurora, Countess Dame Emer


  • Full Amazons: A
  • Initiates: I
  • Looking for Mentor mothers: L

Kingdom of the Desert Winds

The Celestial Kingdom

The Empire of the Iron Mountains

The Kingdom of Black Spire

  • Baronet Squire Sttar Daughter of Countess Squire Dru-Kara,
  • Grand mom Dame Weilok Roskara from Dragonspine currently helping to start a new land at Sumter SC

The Kingdom of Burning Lands


The Kingdom of Crystal Groves

The Kingdom of Dragonspine

The Kingdom of Goldenvale

  • Baronet Aoiffe nic Paisley (A), Daughter of

The Kingdom of Neverwinter

The Kingdom of Northern Lights

  • unknown

The Kingdom of Tal Dagore

The Kingdom of the Emerald Hills

The Kingdom of the Golden Plains

The Kingdom of the Rising Winds

The Kingdom of the Wetlands

  • unknown

The Kingdom of Westmarch

  • ELSpeth


Souls Crossing

The Confederacy of Dreadmoor

The Golden City

The Northern Empire

The Principality of Polaris

The Principality of Rivermoor

The Principality of Viridian Outlands

The Principality of Winters Edge

Nomadic Amazons:

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