Katira Stormblade

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Lady Squire Katira Stormblade, of Trail's End, in the Kingdom of Tal Dagore

”The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has limitations (A. Einstein)”

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Katira was first recruited to Amtgard at a Bardic long ago at an SF convention in Springfield, MO. A former SCA member, she came and went a few times until she became active in Knoblands in the Rising Winds under the name ShadowKat.

Katira helped to start the freehold (Now Barony), the Trail's End, (along with Medicine Man, The Old One, ShadowHawk Grimwulff and Aileana Grant) she changed her name to Katira Stormblade. She still is active in Trail's End.

Affiliated Groups

Saracens - Tribe Hellfire, House Stormblade, Amazons

Belted Family

Squired to: Countess Sir Yonnah ap Stormblade-Darkjester

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Notable Accomplishments

Offices Held

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