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Dame Emer Rustytongue, of Dragonspine.

”We love Emer... mostly 'cause she can be a nice lady when she wants to. But don't hit her in the back of the head. Ever. -Raven



She was born a sterile, orphan wandering the strange desert hills when she wandered into Dragonspine in 1993. She found a home and may have wandered from time to time but always return. As some great bard once said, "Home is where they have to take when you have to go there."

Passed away the fifth of June 2024.

Affiliated Groups

Amazons, Loka Honna

Belted Family

Dame Emer was once, though not at the time of her knighting, Squire to Weilok, who was squire to Greywalker, who was Squire to Andralaine, who was Squire to Deth the dire hearted, who was squire to Gilos Dawnhope who was Squire to Tawnee Darkfalcon.

As she was not squired at the time of her knighting, she was the fount of her own belt line:

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Notable Accomplishments

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