Weilok Roskara

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Combat Ranking
High Dancer
A&S Ranking
High Dancer
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Dame Weilok Roskara, of the The >unnamed land in Japan< a >newly started group<

”I love you guys!”



Weilok is often abroad from Dragonspine, but it is never from her heart.

Affiliated Groups

She, along with Dame Andralaine run the Household of Amazons.

Belted Family

Weilok was squire to Greywalker who was Squire to Andralaine who was Squire to Deth the Dire hearted, who was Squire to Gilos, who was Squire to Tawnee Darkfalcon.

Weilok has had many squires join the peerage including Emer, Cutari Roskara, Kudzu and Chiz.

Weilok has at least one squire, Tilion, and sometimes refers to evil Randy as her Grandsquire...that is when he is being a good boy.

Notable Accomplishments

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