Iyra Greycat Iceni

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Iyra Greycat Iceni

(formerly Pumyra Bloodfangs)

Home Park Iron Mountains Denver
Kingdom Iron Mountains
Year Started 2006
Noble Title Woman-at-Arms
Belt Status Sir Grix (Serpent)

Woman-at-Arms Iyra Greycat Iceni the Mechanical, of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains

After being threatened to be stabbed by a mechanical pencil: "You look like a penguin."Kota "I'm a puma, not a penguin!!!" —Iyra

Speaking to Brennon: "This is one person whose Amtgard dreams I don't think you can crush. And that's not a challenge, so please don't try!"Grix

To Bamm: "I love you! I would do anything for you!" —Iyra "No one feels that way about me!"Bamm "That's bullsh**! You know that that's what it means to be a Wolf, right? You have about a million brothers and sisters who love you and would do anything for you." —Iyra "You have such a big heart. Unfortunately, being a Wolf doesn't mean the same thing to everyone as it does to you. We need more people like you in the company."Bamm

"You know, every time I've walked by you this weekend, you've been telling someone that you love them."Loup



cara le gach ainmhí (friend to all animals)


Iyra is one of the generation of "born" Amtgarders as the daughter of Maldread (thus the reason why she had previously adopted the surname of Bloodfangs). She also has a little brother, Infernape. In spite of being Mal's daughter, she's mostly an event junkie and A&S fiend who enjoys the social aspects of Amtgard. Iyra is working on becoming a more skilled fighter but, honestly, is more likely to be found chatting, glomping unsuspecting Amtgarders, or singing than haunting the ditch field . . . especially after the event of her knee injury (which is listed in the Wolf histories as "Pumyra busticates her leg and it wasn't during the hunt!").

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Brennon Viridian (Sword)

Notable Accomplishments

  • Became a full-fledged member member of the Wolves of Cernunnos fighting company on Friday, June 13th, 2014 under a full moon after being at the center of a three-way, three-part challenge for sponsorship between Feldon, Trillyon, and Azrael
    • With regard to the challenge: First, Feldon beat Trillyon at chess, then Azrael beat Feldon; then, at the chili cookoff, Az scored one point with his red chili while Feldon scored one point with his green chili; finally, Az beat Feldon in the fighting competition—technically, Azrael won the challenge overall, but he already had Onyx as a cub, so Az and Feldon flipped a coin to determine if Trill or Feldon would sponsor Iyra . . . Feldon won the cointoss, and thus Iyra walked the Wolf Circle after being presented by him (her original Wolf)!
  • Has written an article that was published on E-Sam!
  • Scored the killing blow on Onyx during her first cub hunt—this after literally months and months of promising to do so in spite of Onyx assassinating at least 12 Wolves and wounding Iyra in her dominant arm, not to mention being one of a hunting party of three Wolves (including Suki and Bowsefuss) prowling around trying to find Onyx!

A Cat of Many Names

  • At Clan 2011, Iyra had announced to Lyndi that she had finally chosen an Amtgard name: Puma. Lyndi then had a brilliant and fateful idea . . . To make Iyra a ThunderCats tunic with a mountain lion instead of the normal ThunderCats cat. That small comment changed everything for little Iyra, who had never seen ThunderCats before; she'd always confused it for SWAT Kats, which she loathed, not to mention the fact that the Cats have been around for a whole decade longer than she has! However, that summer a new ThunderCats happened to premier, and Iyra simply ADORED this new series in a way that even she had never known before. Let me tell you, that is no small feat! Any IMDer can attest to Iyra's propensity for loving the things she does with all of her being! Thus, she took the name of her favorite-ever heroine, period: Pumyra of the ThunderCats. It only made sense, seeing as she's more in love with pumas and ThunderCats than anything else! Before settling on being called "Iyra", the IMD's resident puma cat also garnered a great many nicknames, most of which she will still respond to, Iyra iself being one of them—it was originally given to her by Loup. Pumy is another of her favorites, and Azrael calls her Sheen (short for machine) because he thinks she's a machine on the battlefield . . . when she actually does fight, that is! Iyra loved the nickname so much that she incorporated it into her persona as the title "the Mechanical".
  • At Rakis 2015, Medryn handed out angry penguin stickers and only referred to Iyra as "Angry Penguin". This silliness all started because Iyra's favorite memory of Kota happens to be a park day wherein she had brought her sketchbook and was working on ideas for a shield cover that she had planned to make for Trillyon. Kota had been acting like he was going to mess up her drawing, so Iyra brandished her mechanical pencil menacingly, promising to stab him should he get too close again. Because Iyra is adorable as all get-out, Kota just laughed at her and told her she looked like a penguin, to which Iyra screamed at the top of her lungs that she was a puma, not a penguin (does this story sound familiar?). Kota insisted that she was too cute to be a puma, that pumas are scary and she is not. That said, if you've ever seen an angry penguin, you know that in spite of being stupid adorable, even when they're pissed off and wrecking other penguin's days, they can be quite dangerous (search "penguin bitch slap" on YouTube for evidence). It's still one of the greatest compliments Iyra has ever received to-date, and this was many years ago! So, even all this time later, Iyra still tags Kota in memes with adorable-as-heck animals that are promising death or vowing to inflict pain upon their viewers and asks him if that's about how he sees her when she's angry. Medryn saw one such post and liked it so much that he briefly renamed her in the ORK and set up a redirect page here on the AmtWiki. The joke was shared by many, and Whimsey even made Iyra a belt favor with a small embroidery of penguins. So, if you ever hear of the legend of the Angry Penguin, now you know all about its history!

Additional Images

Pumyra s First Award.jpg

Above: Iyra (far right, gold tunic) receiving her first-ever Amtgard award, a Dragon, for winning 2nd place in the Rakis 2012 Best of the Best competition

Iyra and Trillyon

Iyra and Locks

Iyra and Azrael

Iyra and Onyx


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