Nai Phoenix

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Countess, Squire Nai Phoenix, of Irongate, Golden Plains

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Current Reagent serving the Kingdom of the Golden Plains. Countess & Squire. Belted to Sir Hern Sablewolf. Proud Amazon Daughter and Mother, fierce advocate of my GP sisters. Master Dragon, artisan, crafter, teacher. Iron Gater for life!

Affiliated Groups

Unseen Hand - April 2017
Amazons - Full Amazon November - 2014, Proud Daughter of Dame Dru-Kara

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Honored with title of Countess- August 2018 Reagent of The Kingdom of the Golden Plains - August 2018-current Regent of The Kingdom of the Golden Plains - Febuary 2018- Master Dragon Kingdom of the Golden Plains - October 2017

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