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Come on in to my humble wagon, weary travelers. Have a spot of tea (or something stronger, if you'd care for it), perhaps peruse my meager wares, or maybe, if you're brave enough, have your fortunes told.

What's that? You want to hear what the future has in store for you? Excellent. The cards will tell the past, the present, and the future as well. Take a seat on the cushion, relax. Do take a drink—after all, it's your money, and you need to be relaxed for the cards to be able to read you. What's that? You thought it was me reading the cards? Oh, don't be silly, dearie!

Just pick three, sweets. Three cards is all we'll need to get started. But don't peek! We wouldn't want that, now would we? After all, there's no point in getting an early glimpse into the future. That's why you're paying me.

Herein, we present Tales from the Vardo: Creatures of the Night and the Games They Play. In these pages, you will find many different things that go bump in the night, and a number that bump back. Ghoulish creatures like the Werebat and Rage Zombie await to tear you limb from limb. We also have included a number of ways to theme a player class around this setting, including the mysterious Ankanni and deranged Mad Scientist.

Of course, there must always be a hook that pulls the vict—er, players into the setting, and as such we have provided a number of magic items to lure the unwary to their doom. There are also several battlegames to keep your park flowing through these dark times. Finally, we have a section on creating quests and a sample one to keep your players entertained.

What a horrible night to have a curse.

Lord Uncle, Wetlands
February 2017


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Battlegame Monsters

Scenario Monsters



Trinkets, Talismans and Artifacts of dark and foreboding power. Be ye man enough to wield the weight of such evil?

Diversions After Dark

Rules and suggestions for two traditional After Hours battlegames. More so than normal Amtgard games, any fighting done after dark should be done with utmost caution. It is going to be repeated below, but fighting in the dark in an inherently less-safe endeavor and all participants should be clear-headed, sober and well aware of the game rules and stated boundaries. Participants should be aware of their footing and surroundings - and please remember to use that same level of care during combat periods. Also note both of these games call for "Honor Duels" in most situations, so the chaos of multi-person combat is minimized. It's just easier to keep two people safe at a time than it is to watch two dozen screaming warriors in less-than-optimal lighting.

Watch Your Step

Herein discover a myriad of ways to make life a little more interesting (and considerably more dangerous) for your players!

By Night They Dance

A selection of battlegames, quest ideas and classic scenarios to challenge even the bravest of heroes.

Worlds of Darkness

A selection of thematic ideas and uses for monsters and terrain presented in the dor un avathar official rules or in this and other amtgard expansions.