Tales from the Vardo Format

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Monsters detailed in this volume follow a distinctive format, each having similar entries, as detailed below. This tome offers no new Abilities or rules alterations. See the Dor Un Avathar X and the Amtgard Rules of Play, v.8 for all details.

Description: This includes physical descriptions and role-playing tips.

Garb: The distinguishing features of a particular Monster. Players should endeavor to look as much like this description as possible. Items listed as “Suggested” are optional, including gender suggestions. All monsters are required to carry a copy of the monster entry and wear a silver sash in addition to any listed garb requirements.

  • Exception: If the person playing a monster has excellent monster garb that leaves no doubt (from a distance) what monster they are playing as, then the game designer may waive the silver sash requirement.

Example: A person playing an Elf whose only distinguishing garb is pointed ears will have to wear a silver sash as well. A person playing an Elf with: long, flowing, blond hair, pointed ears; tribal face paint, and leather armor shaped to look like leaves should be allowed to forego the silver sash with permission of the game designer.

Requirements: Lists any in game restrictions on who may play the Monster, such as Knight only.

Type: There are a number of Monster types, each with special qualities, including certain Immunities, Vulnerabilities, and other special rules. Monsters may have several types, and the effects are cumulative unless indicated otherwise in the specific Monster entry. Rules for specific Types can be found in the Dor Un Avathar X.

Level: This entry indicates the minimum level in the Monster Class that a player must have in order to play the Monster in a regular battlegame. Quest masters and game designers may allow a player to play a Monster regardless of the player’s actual Monster level. Only Battlegame Monsters have this entry.

Power Rating: This entry indicates the monsters power relative to other monsters and is listed on a scale of 1-10. The higher the Power Rating, the stronger the monster.

Armor: Indicates the number of points and types of armor the monster has. Worn armor points require rated, approved armor constructed using the guidelines in the Rules of Play.

Shields: Here is the largest shield the monster may use. A Monster may always choose to use a shield smaller than the type listed. If no shield types are listed, the Monster may not use any shields.

Weapons: This lists the specific categories of weapons the monster may use. If a weapon category is listed as Single, the monster may only wield one of that weapon type at a time, though the monster may carry more.

Abilities: This is a list of the various Abilities the Monster has access to. Rules for all Abilities found in this volume are located in and function exactly like those listed in the Dor Un Avathar X or the Amtgard Rules of Play, v8.

Vulnerabilities: A list of limitations, restrictions, and weaknesses the creature has. This entry may be omitted if the creature has no significant vulnerabilities.

Special Notes: This section included only if the Monster has any unusual properties or rules that can affect game play or inclusion in battlegames, quests, or scenarios.