Mad Scientist

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Obsessed with ever-lasting life, the Mad Scientist is constantly experimenting with their own body, grafting Necromantic parts on in an attempt touch the fringes of immortality. Any scientist worth his madness also keeps company with monstrous henchmen of his own making.


6th Level Druid Avatar of Nature Build

6th Level:

Avatar of Nature: 1 point
Summoner: 2 points
Imbue Weapon: 2 points (4/Refresh)
Silly Nonsense (Naturalize Magic): 1 point (2/Refresh)
Drop down 0 Points

5th Level:

Major Infusion (Essence Graft): 2 points (4/Refresh)
Ironskin x2: 2 points (4/Refresh)
Discorporate (Gift of Air): 1 point (2/Refresh)
Drop down 0 Points

4th Level:

Golem x2: 2 points (4/Refresh)
Undead Vigor (Lycanthropy) x2: 2 points (4/Refresh)
Drop down 1 Points

3rd level:

Large Injection (Attuned): 1 point (2/Refresh)
Hideous Strength (Bear Strength): 1 point (2/Refresh)
Regeneration: 1 point (2/Refresh)
Flesh of the Dead (Stoneskin) x2: 2 points (4/Refresh)
Drop down 0 Points

2nd Level:

Equipment: Shield, Small: 4 points
Heal: 1 point (1/Life)
Drop down 0 Points

1st Level:

Equipment: Weapon, Short: 2 points
Tanglewood Elixir (Entangle): 1 point
Mend x3: 3 points