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The Ankanni are composed of bands of nomadic traders known for brightly-colored clothing and their love for a life on the road. After generations of wandering, the Ankan People have developed their own distinct culture and are not well-trusted by those who do not belong to their way of life. Nevertheless, they have a tendency towards loyalty to one another and close family ties.


6th Level Bard Build

6th Level:

Dervish: - 2 points
Silver Tongue x2: 2 points
Stun x2: 2 points (4 uses/Life)
Drop down 0 Points

5th Level:

Lost x2: 2 points (4 uses/Life)
Discordia: 2 points
Drop down 1 Points

4th Level:

Song of Power: 1 point
Song of Deflection: 1 point
Terror x2: 2 points (4 uses/Refresh)
Drop down 2 Points

3rd level:

Awe x2: 2 points (4 Uses/Life)
Battlefield Triage: 1 point
Equipment: Shield, Small: 4 points
Drop down 0 Points

2nd Level:

Mend: 1 point (2/Life)
Song of Battle: 1 point
Song of Visit: 1 point
Drop down 2 Points

1st Level:

Equipment: Weapon, Short: 4 points
Insult: 1 point (2/Life)
Release: 1 point (2/Life)
Shove: 1 point (2/Life)