How to Make Luminaries

From AmtWiki

What You Will Need:

  • A bunch of little brown paper bags (or the decorative kind, if you prefer)
  • A bunch of sand or kitty litter
  • A bunch of small votive candles (sometimes called “tea lights”)


  1. Open a bag.
  2. Fill it about one inch deep with sand or kitty litter.
  3. Put a candle centered in each one.
  4. When ready, light the candle and place in the desired location, making sure the flame is not licking the bag.
  5. Place on open ground or dirt. Do not place on pine needles, dry leaves, rotten logs, propane tanks or other flammable or easily burned surfaces.
  6. Be sure to clean up all the bags when the event is over. “Only you can prevent forest fires!”