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The Amtgard X Group is a publishing collective dedicated to expanding the base Amtgard ruleset. Working under the Version 8 Rules, these additions to the basic game are intended to bring "Worlds of Adventure" to the populace of Amtgard worldwide.

Forged in the fires of the early 00's, the Amtgard 7 Expansion Group stepped forward to lead the way toward the game you know today. A dedicated, autonomous group of creative and rules-proficient writers and editors came together to create a series of professional grade publications that not only added entire worlds of adventure to the game but withstood the test of time.

Now Amtgard has entered a new age. The core game is more streamlined than ever before and our player base is at an all time high, as Kingdoms have continued to grow and expand across the country and internationally. The proliferation of social media has brought us closer together, even as our populace gets more spread out.

And, as with the last age, the time has come to bring our worlds out of the past and into a more vibrant future than any of us could have imagined so long ago. With the changes to the game, so comes a change in name, though the mission remains the same - bring the highest quality, player-made expansion content possible to the populace of Amtgard.

As always, the Amtgard X Group is continually accepting new editors, writers, artists, designers, content-creators and, most importantly, play-testers. From these ranks come the very people who are now helming projects and taking the lead in bringing older content up to date - and creating never-before-released expanded worlds for an inter-Kingdom audience.

If you've got an idea, if you enjoy proof-reading, rules tinkering or just want lend a hand, drop us a line. You can find us on Facebook.

Amtgard X Group
In Service,
Luke Wyngarde
Sage of the Wetlands

Current Publications

Number Title Theme Status
AX01 v4 Nautical Nights (Pirates, Plunder and the High Seas) RELEASED, UPDATED
AX02 What Lurks Below (Dwarves, Dungeons and the Underdark) RELEASED, UPDATED
AX03 1001 Amtgardian Nights (Deserts, Dunes and Sandworms) RELEASED
AX04 Tales from the Vardo (Undead, Lycanthropes and Darkness) RELEASED

In Progress

Number Title Theme Status
AX05 Land of Ice and Snow (Arctic, Snow and Primitive Things) AT PROOF (Sober)
AX06 Welcome to the Jungle (Safaris, Dinosaurs, Aztec and other tribal stuff) IN PRODUCTION
AX07 Sylvan Dreams (Elves, Pixies and the Courts of the Fae) BEING WRITTEN (Theodore)
AX08 Celestial Codex (Demons, Angels, Heavens and Hells) BEING WRITTEN (Cormano)
AX09 Steamgard (Steampunk, Amtgard Style) BEING WRITTEN (Kraesh)
AX10 Wizarding Worlds (Hogwart’s, Amtgard Style) BEING WRITTEN (Dahlia)
AX11 Beyond the Stars (Science Fiction themes) BEING WRITTEN (Apex)
AX12 Book of Engoku Remake (Asian themes) BEING WRITTEN (???)

Note: Numbering subject to change