The Night Hunter

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Traditionally held near the Spring (Beltane) and Autumn (Halloween) Equinoxes, the Night Hunter Tournament does not begin until the last traces of sun light have faded into darkness. Once night settles in, the Populace takes up their swords and ventures into the forest to test their mettle against the finest warriors in the Kingdom. The winner of the battle is dubbed “Night Hunter” for the reign.

  1. Choose a forest with clear trails. Mark the edges of the playing field with white ribbon, so as to be easily seen as players enter and exit.
  2. Place jack o’ lanterns (for Halloween) or luminaries (see below, for Beltane) along the trails at regular intervals. Take special care to light up any potential ground hazards and/or slippery spots. Place a few in the trees and several at the entrance(s) and exit(s).
  3. All players should be made aware of any special weapon restrictions before the game begins. Some Night Hunters are single sword, some allow any melee weapons, some have allowed shields, others not. However, all Night Hunters are held without armor, thrown weapons, projectiles or class/magical abilities.
  4. Regardless of the weaponry agreed upon, be it single sword or full ditch rules, all weapons must be covered in a white sock, stocking or cover. Bright yellow, neon green and other highly visible colors are acceptable, so long as they afford the same amount of visibility as the white socks. Autocrats of Night Hunter are advised to bring as many extra socks as possible, to compensate for those folks who just can’t seem to remember to bring one (and believe me, there will be far more folks without than with!)
  5. Each participant is given five index cards upon which to write their name. When a player is slain in fair combat (or by surprise attack) they turn over one of their cards to their killer and return immediately to Base to check in.
  6. Death count is 5 minutes (300 count), to be counted by the Base Reeve. Returning players are to announce “Alive!” loudly before reentering play.
  7. There is no running allowed within the Night Hunter boundaries. Reeves who catch a player running are to give one warning, then the player is expelled from the game.
  8. There is to be no teaming up within the Night Hunter boundaries. All players are on their own for the duration. Reeves who catch players teaming up are to give one warning, then all involved players are expelled from the game.
  9. All battles are considered Honor Duels until resolved. In other words, once a Life Card has exchanged hands and the defeated player has cleared out, the battles may resume anew.
  10. Kills gained from hidden enemies, so long as not gained during a preexisting fight, are legal. (i.e.: Bob smacks Becky in the back as she walks by unaware. Becky cusses a little and hands Bob a card. Later, Bob smacks Becky while she is fighting Bill, no card is given and Bob should back up until the fight between she and Bill is concluded. Once Becky kills Bill, she may then turn and engage Bob in a fair fight.)
  11. When a player dies, he/she takes all the cards gained during that life to the Base Reeve. The Reeve will tally your kills and subtract one from your life count. When only one player remains in the forest, the tourney is over. The player with the highest card tally (plus any lives remaining) is declared the winner. A new Night Hunter is born!