Dor Un Avathar X

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The Monster Book of Amtgard. Currently in its 10th edition, compatible with V8 rules.

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Table of Contents

Monsters in Amtgard Battlegames

Armor, Weapon, Terrain, and Effect Types

Monster Abilities

Battlegame Monsters

Scenario Monsters




The creation of this Monster supplement was truly a community effort incorporating feedback and suggestions from countless Amtgarders. The committee in charge of creating the rules and incorporating feedback saw many names come and go, but was primarily comprised of Sir Elder Vermilion, Sir Medryn Harlequin, Bjorn the Small, Sken, Talaisan, Sir Luke Wyngarde, Clenawe, Sir Glenalth Woodwalke, and Nicodemus Aravoth. The incidental artwork in this book was provided by Dame Casca Eruoy, Denah, and Runestone Lillywinks. Design and layout was by Sir Grix and Jonathan Skippy Schwarz. This supplement is compatible with the Amtgard Rules of Play Version 8. For the latest version of this supplement, the Rules of Play, or for more information about Amtgard, go to: Amtgard documents

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