Running with the Pack

From AmtWiki

A pack of Wolves is nothing to take lightly. Just because they don’t have flashy powers or tons of armor doesn’t mean they cannot be a force to be reckoned with. A challenging Pack should always contain one Alpha Male , one Pack Mother and one normal Wolf per active Questor. Toss in a Werewolf Lycanthrope to even things up on the Packs side, or, if things look bad for the Questors, loose any Luck Points the Wolves have to balance things out.

Now suppose you want to have a lot of Wolves, but don’t have the on-hand personnel to make it feasible. Then what? The all-purpose fixed-enchantment-style solution! Mark off and area and designate it to be the Pack’s “Hunting Grounds.” Put one or two Wolves inside, any Questor who takes a leg wound is considered slain (when they fall to the ground, the imaginary Pack gobbles up the crippled and weak!). Or don’t bother with any Monsters at all, just make it so anyone who enters the area takes a leg wound in 5 seconds and is eaten in 10.

-Tales from the Vardo