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The Shire of Mordengaard, in the Kingdom of the Wetlands located in College Station, Texas





Established in the Fall of 1989, The Shire of Mordengaard is the oldest park of the Wetlands. They were founded as a park under the Burning Lands but soon were incorporated by the Celestial Kingdom. At Spring War in 1996, they joined with two other parks, Granite Spyre and the Mushroom Shrine to form the Kingdom of the Wetlands. This year, Mordengaard celebrated its 25th anniversary. Originally found at Bee Creek Park in College Station, Texas. It moved to Hensel Park for several years during the city's reconstruction, and now currently meets Sundays at 2pm at Beachy Central Park in College Station, Texas.

First Newsletter of Mordengaard.



Contacts and directions

Mailing List
Webpage.jpg Mordengaard Website

Mordengaard meets every Sunday at 2pm, and offers fighter practice Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 6pm, at Oaks Park. The address is: Oaks Park, 1601 Stallings Drive, College Station, TX 77840, USA


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