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This is a list of pages using the GoogleMaps extension for an imbedded map. Do not use it if you are are merely providing an external link to a google map.

To embed a google map, edit a page then click on the rightmost button above the editor (kind of yellow/green and with a small plus sign at the top right). This will bring up a map looking at the center of the universe (Memorial Park in El Paso, TX). You can drag over to where you want the map to be, but far easier is to use the search to find your town, then move it to where you want (zooming in or out as necessary). You can click on spots to add labels as well. Every time you change the map, a set of text on the page changes. When you need to do is when you have the map the way you want it, highlight all that text and copy it into the regular part of your page (which is still there), at the location in the page you want the map. Then save the page. Look at some of the examples below (Silverwater was the first one I did) to see what your end result could be.