Caim Bloodwyrm

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Lord Caim Bloodwyrm, of Mordengaard, Wetlands

It Ain't Caim Proof! (Normally said after Caim breaks a weapon or piece of gear) Point Off Fat! (Jokingly said when not fighting)

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Caim Bloodwyrm, on the far left, with some of his comrades.


Caim Bloodwyrm started playing in the Spring of 2008 at Spring War and was introduced to the game by a family friend, Sir Rufus Grimmwulf.

On the 25th of March, 2012, he and a few others founded Bloodwyrm Haven. He took the name of the park as his own so he would never forget the reasons he started the park, nor the people that helped him along the way. At the same time he and a few fellows also founded the War Dragons, a small but growing fighting company originally based out of Bloodwyrm Haven, and looking to make its mark on the whole of Amtgard. Caim was awarded the title of Lord in 2014 in recognition of his leadership accomplishments in creating, fostering, and growing a new and diverse park in the Kingdom of the Wetlands. Caim has held and continues to hold many various provincial officer positions in his goal of helping support the game of Amtgard to the best of his abilities.

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War Dragons

House Draconis

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