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Countess Squire Kiara Everlen, of the Duchy of Mordengaard, Defender of the Wetlands

It's not murder if they are delaying your ditching. - Saint

Where's the closest Starbucks?


Shortly after moving to Orlando, FL, she found the chapter of NodRama completely by accident and has been wholly addicted since April 2010. She has since moved on to the Kingdom of the Wetlands and calls Mordengaard home, though she frequently travels.

Kiara has served multiple terms in local and kingdom office, as well as serving in behind the scenes roles, including serving on the Amtgard Ombudsman team, Admin/Moderator for several Amtgard forums, War-crat for regional kingdom events, including Castle Mania in 2018 and 2019, Autocrat for Olympiad 2012, and several planning committees.

Offices held include:

  • Neverwinter Regent, Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Reign
  • Wetlands Kingdom Champion, won by right of arms for Reign XVII.
  • Wetlands Guildmaster of Reeves, Winter/Spring Reign 46

How to make friends with Kiara:

  • Ask to fight
  • Bring Starbucks
  • Show her pictures of your cats
  • Share your vodka

Affiliated Groups

House Lionesse - Enthusiastic Promoter
Green Lantern Corps - Full Lantern
Rogues - Full member
Sailor Senshi - Sailor Venus

Belted Family

Notable accomplishments

Kiara was the first woman to hold the office of champion in the kingdom of the Wetlands. She won this appointment by right of arms in November of 2016, placing second in the tournament behind Warlord Glen. She was awarded the title of Defender on June 3rd, 2017 by King Juju Hex Mojo.

Kiara recieved her Master Smith title at the Wetlands Endreign event December 2018 by outgoing King Chewie Lightguard and incoming Pharoah Armand.

Winner, 2017 Flurb of the Year

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