Crom Ironwolf

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Arch Duke Sir Crom Ironwolf, of the Wetlands.

”Get busy Living, or get busy dying!”



Passed away the eighth of may in 2024.

Affiliated Groups

He was longtime Captain of the Raiders.

Belted Family

Sir Crom was formerly squired to Grand Duke Sir Morgan Ironwolf, who was squired to Fnord Farthing, who was squired to Sir Michael Hammer of God. Sir Zachry Ironwolf and Sir Redhawk Longwing were formerly squired to Sir Crom.

In December 2006, Crom started his "Crom's Survivor" to find his next two squires. Crom had 24 candidates to choose from, and chose Lord Bain Ironwolf of Crimson Moon, WL as his newest Squire at Spring War '08

Michael Hammer of God (Crown 1991, Sword 1992, Flame 1995, Serpent 2003)

Notable Accomplishments

- Member of the JLFM

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