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Motto Translation Victory or Death
Guin Llewellyn
Chapter Inland Ocean
Kingdom Northern Lights
Started April 4th, 2007
Noble Title Countess/Defender
Belted Status Knight of the Crown
Company Hybris Legion
Masterhoods Master Crown

Matriarch Countess Guin Llewellyn of Inland Ocean, Defender of the Kingdom of Northern Lights


In 2007 Guin was introduced to Amtgard and played at her local chapter, Hermits Hold for around 7 years. Starting out in the game as a pre-teen, she grew to love the game and met many of her life long friends because of it. Guin participated in Amtgard in Stormhaven after moving to the Spokane area for schoool, and than in 2016 she moved to the Kingdom of Northern Lights where she actively still plays at her new home park, Inland Ocean.

While Amtgard has many things to do in the game, her main passion is fighting, and always has been. Being super competitive Guin often participates in Tournaments, and enjoys Jugging with her friends. With her love for the game as a whole, she often will take up local/kingdom level office positions to ensure the game is enjoyable for everyone. However, don't look to her to be doing crafts any time soon, as that is something that happens very little, and very poorly.

Guin has attended many weekend long events in the PNW, such as PacWar, Thousand Stars, Northern Lights Coronation Campout, Sargent's Core, Rosewood, and Sword Knight Boot Camp. She has not had the chance to travel outside of the PNW, but hopes to attend a GoTC, or Spring War sometime in the future.


Work in Progress

Affiliated Groups

Hybris Legion
Position Founder/Council
Membership Praetorian II
Sponsoring Cole

Praetorian to Hybris Legion # II
House Gravy Initiate

Stick Chicks - Founder
Juda - Cheeks of Holding of Clubs [Joker]

Church of the Apocalypse - Saint of Deception /(See also: Guinny the Pooh)
Templars - Brother/Grand Chancellor </float>

Belted Family

See also: Aurora Selene

  • Matriarch Countess Guin Llewellyn



Notable Accomplishments

Additional Photos

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