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House of Juda

"Good ol' Bob Marley"

Red, Yellow, and Forest Green



"How many marshmallows can you fit in YOUR mouth?"

Originally two young men, who seem to never be separated. They are Jude, and Uda, commonly known as Juda. The House of Juda was formally formed on September 12, 2010 in the land of Hermits Hold. In October they spread out to the land of Stormhaven.

To excel in all things Amtgard, meaning fighting, garbing, armor making, bad mouthing, sportsmanship, servitude to the game, curing and causing evil, and being as awesomely amazing as possible. We are all followers of the great Jimmy Hendrix.

"Stab um' in the ding-dong!"


"Dude, you might want to get that checked"

Full Members
Jude - Mad Hatter of Hearts [Joker]
Uda - Jester of Spades [Joker]
Guin - Cheeks of Holding of Clubs [Joker]
Twit - Wicked Witch of Diamonds [Jokers]
Owl - Queen of Spades
Zypher of Hermits Hold - Jack of Spades
Azura - Jack of Clubs
Kidd - Jack of Clubs

Kevkas - Gremlin of Spades
Match - Gremlin of Clubs
Toad - Gremlin of Diamonds
Britow - Gremlin of Diamonds

"For the Cock!"

Laws of Juda

1. Thou must not be a wimp
2. Thou must be honorable on the battlefield
3. Thou must cause havoc
4. Thou must rock out with your cock out
5. Thou must share goodies if thou has some
6. Six six six. Done.
7. Thou will not ask what happened to six.
9. 7 ate 9.
10. Thou must party.
11. Thou must open a can of whip @$$.
12. Thou must listen to Bob Marley... I mean, Jimmy Hendrix.
13. Thou must be shmexy at all times.

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