Guinny the Pooh

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Her Ladyship the Blood-thirsty, Guinnie the Pooh, of the Church of the Apocalypse

*The bear says nothing. It merely looks at you and giggles before it kills you*



Guinnie the Pooh Came into existence by the will of Naydina. Her only job is to torment the masses and create mischief for her companions. Bear-napped on August 16th, 2013 while locked in Akilith's trunk. Single underhandedly defeated said nappers and remained safe in trunk for a quick return. Or stole the car herself. It is debatable...

Affiliated Groups

Church of the Apocalypse (Saint of Mascots)

Notable Accomplishments

  • Familiar to Guin
  • Infamous for her single-handed massacre at SMC 2013.
  • Is a known cannibal. (Your Gummy Bears are NOT safe!)
  • Can be bribed with alcohol.
  • Was present at Clan 2013, and caused much chaos.