Euric Bloodstone

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Grand Duke Sir Euric Bloodstone, of Thor's Refuge, Westmarch

"They're not Amtgarders, F___ them!"- Euric

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Euric's Heraldry
Home Park Thor's Refuge
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 1989
Noble Title Grand Duke
Belt Status Knight of the Flame Knight of the Crown



Sir Euric started in the Barony of Golden Plains on August 22, 1989. He received his first knighthood in March of 1993 for flame and another in 1995 for Crown. Before he left Golden Plains he was king seven times, kingdom regent once, kingdom champion twice, duke once, ducal regent once and a baronial regent under Sir Flynn.

In his own words: ”I was drawn to Flynn because I always wanted to be a Paladin and he was a Kind, Chivalrous person. Being 6'2" and (when younger) 260 lbs I was drawn to and I played Barbarian from day one when my roommate Ian McNoughton Mcleod came home with a rulebook and we sat down and made me a huge axe (easily 25-30 pounds of duct tape and soft squishy foam) And a Fake bear fur vest that I still have and wear to this day, and a Norse persona. I have played a few other classes, I have 50 or so reeve credits over 60 monster credits, I am 3rd level healer but my two true loves are Barbarian(300+ ) and Paladin(200+).”

Since April of 2006 he has been active in the Duchy of Thor's Refuge with Flynn's sister whom he married in 1993.

He is still active, having held the office of Monarch, Champion, and Prime Minister of his park. Formerly Monarch of the Principality of Westmarch in California for 15 months and then for 12 months.

Formerly Prime minister of Kingdom of Westmarch for 1 term.

Formerly Champion of the Principality of Westmarch.

Member of the B O DKingdom of Westmarch in California.

Amalgam Heraldry

Affiliated Groups

Previous member of Star Questing Dragons.
Previous member of Azure Pride.
Founding member of the Crimson Marauders.
Member of Cup and Coin
Amalgam (Odin)

Belted Family

Before entering the peerage he was squired to Sir Flynn. He has had multiple squires join the peerage including: Sylvas , Nomad , and Bag'em. Current Squires are Neon Stormbringer, Morgan, Lucas The Lost, and formerly Sir Arminius.

Current Squires are Kalevra Fallstar and Lucas The Lost and Inactive Squires are Neon Stormbringer and Morgan

Current Man at Arms areZoticus da Bear Bear and Harefor

Notable Accomplishments



Additional Images



Euric is center, with the giant axe. Picture is dated back to when GP was still a barony.

More Information

  • Personal Website
  • Company Website