DS Monarchy

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In early 2001, I sat down with several old Dragonspiners to figure out our history. Imagine my surprise when people had hazy memories at best about what happened when, including their own reigns! Our past was in danger of becoming lost to us forever. As a historian, I felt obligated to collect all the information and make it available for people to see. What follows is the result of that research. I hope it proves useful and enlightening.

-- Sir Randall The Courts of DS

# Monarch Regent Champion Prime Minister GMR Heir Apparent Dates
1 Alaeric none Stelyos T'sarith/Blackthorn Summer 1990
2 Stelyos/Alaeric Alaeric/none Beo Blackthorn/Quicksilver none none Winter 1990-1991
3 Cheshire none none Quicksilver?/Alaeric none none Summer-Winter 1991 (8 months)
4 Quicksilver Solmoriah/Alaeric Blackthorn Alaeric/? none none Spring 1992 (4 months)
5 Solmoriah(aka Crosser) Egil Ironpaw ?/Jetara Summer 1992
1 Egil Quicksilver Ironpaw Jetara/Weilok Winter 1992-1993
2 Greywalker Ironpaw Jetara Weilok/T'sarith Summer 1993
3 Quicksilver Ironpaw Chiz T'sarith/Lynx Winter 1993-1994
1 Egil Alaeric Trent Lynx/Randall Summer 1994
2 Alaeric I Aaron Strongbow Stefan Randall/Stefanie Winter 1994-1995
3 Stefan Phocion T'sarith Stefanie/Kurshan Summer 1995
4 Alaeric II Elaine Thedro Kurshan Winter 1995-1996
5 Phocion I Lyvyndyr Tristan du Sable Kurshan/Tilion Summer 1996
6 Hawkthorne/none Egil Phocion Tilion/Iftu Winter 1996-1997
7 Phocion II Lyvyndyr Tristan du Sable Iftu Summer 1997
8 Ironpaw Selric Quicksilver Iftu/F'lar Winter 1997-1998
9 Weilok Tilion Kurshan F'lar/Gyspy Dove Summer 1998
10 Kurshan I Aiden Feral Lynn Gyspy Dove/Selric Winter 1998-1999
11 Feral Lynn Gypsy Dove Malachi Selric/Rhiannon Summer 1999
12 Kurshan II Roderick Kyran Rhiannon/Weilok Winter 1999-2000
13 Malachi Rhiannon Zodiac Weilok Summer 2000
14 Randall I Marcus the Mad Cronos Weilok/Bertrand Winter 2000-2001
15 Kyran Kurshan Alucard Bertrand/Xochtil Summer 2001
16 Randall II Trent Shadow/Kyran Xochtil/Elessario Winter 2001-2002
17 Phywren Randall Whitewolf Elessario/Denavis Summer 2002
18 Alucard I Quicksilver Phywren/Kurshan Denavis/Raldon Winter 2002-2003
19 Alucard II Bear Kie Raldon/Balbazack Summer 2003
20 Randall III Ironpaw T'sarith Balbazack/Azrael-Jade Anatole Winter 2003-2004
21 Stark Dovelyn Kathon Azrael-Jade/Rhiannon Summer 2004
22 Azrael-Jade I Kie Finnegin Rhiannon/Anatole Winter 2004-2005
23 Palas Bear/Randall Aidan Anatole/Jester Summer 2005
24 Azrael-Jade II Bbayok Anatole Jester/Randall Winter 2005-2006
25 Anatole Jester Ilmryn Randall/Zoah Summer 2006
26 Phywren II Anatole Randall Zoah/Emer Winter 2006-2007
27 Randall IV Azrael-Jade Palas Emer Summer 2007
29 Emer Annabellee Anatole Stroke Natasha V.F. Icepaw/Raven A Lightshadow Sain Ironhand April 2008 - October 2008
30 Anatole Stroke Dougie Jester Raven A Lightshadow/Sain Ironhand Randall October 2008 - April 2009
31 Annabellee Natasha V.F. Icepaw Randall Sain Ironhand Francis
32 Sain Ironhand Francis Randall Annabellee Emer
33 Francis Randall Xion Annabellee Emer
34 Randall Azrael-Jade Xion Sain Ironhand Francis
35 Annabellee Gravedigger/Raven A Lightshadow(Pro-Tem) Sain Randall Francis
36 Ilmryn Gnome-Stroke III Raven A Lightshadow (Pro-Tem)/Azrael-Jade Barrage/Balder Randall Francis

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