Lyvyndyr el ra Darkmoon

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Duchess Sir Master Lyvyndyr el ra Darkmoon, formerly of Dragonspine


Lyvyndyr started playing in Dragonspine in early 1993. She served as Dragonspine's Regent twice, both times with Phocion as King and Tristan as Champion.

Played Druid and fought sword & shield almost exclusively.

Nothing made Lyvyndyr happier than seeing her fellow Amtgarders happy.

"Anything mean can do, nice can do better. Never do anything to anyone you'd hate having done to yourself. Do not fail the trust you have been given. Always a safe place to stay, a warm meal to eat, a caring heart to listen and a kind voice of truth."

Left Amtgard in late 2001 along with many other experienced players as part of a mass exodus from Dragonspine.

Affiliated Groups

Golden Lions

Belted Family

Former squire to Sir Jetara, who was Squire to Greywalker who was Squire to Andralaine, who was squire to Deth the Direhearted who was squire to Gilos Dawnhope, who was squire to Tawnee Darkfalcon. Lyvyndyr dropped Jetara's belt years before she was Knighted, but the two remained close and she turned down all offers from other Knights. When she was Knighted, her friend Tilion made her Belt, Egil made her chain, Raphael & Tilion made her knight-tunics, and Ahira presented her with a Chain from around his own neck.

Sir Jetara (resigned belt prior to being knighted)

    • Sir Lyvyndyr (inactive)
      • Squire Bear (inactive)
        • Our past Page Natasha_V has developed into an amazing artisan and tremendous servant to Amtgard. While she has left Lyvyndyr's beltline (and rightly so, with both her Squire and his Knight inactive), she will be an invaluable, honorable member of another beltline, and will no doubt one day start her own. Her skills have progressed miles beyond what any Page would have, and she is deserving of an attentive, challenging and passionate Knight who will walk alongside her and advocate for her. She is loved and well-remembered by both Lyvyndyr and Bear, and will always be part of the Darkmoon Lineage. She is on a knight's path and will make them proud on the day she rises a Knight.
  • As a sidenote, Feral Lynn notes that knighting Lyvyndyr was the worst mistake he ever made. She was knighted Flame in 1999 by Feral Lynn. He later said he felt extremely pressured and knighted her only under protest. During a heated discussion, he yelled this fact loudly. Lyvyndyr responded by taking off her belt and handing it to him, telling him to take whatever action he felt proper to have the belt pulled or reconsidered. He threw the belt on the ground at her feet, in front of other knights and members of Dragonspine, then walked away.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Knight of the Flame 1999, contested by several other Dragonspine knights.
  • Duchess Awarded after second reign as Regent, only Duke/Duchess at the time to become so without having been King/Queen.
  • Countess Awarded after first reign as Regent.
  • Lady Awarded after Duchess as an inside joke. On her first day, she had signed in as Lady and was chastised for it by older players.
  • Master Druid
  • Master Rose
  • Commonly associated with Phocion and Tristan, who were King and Champion respectively while she was Regent. The three of them had two reigns together, the Summer Reigns of 1996 and 1997.
  • She insisted on being referred to as 'Regent' and not 'Consort', seeing the two positions of 'Monarch' and 'Regent' as differing responsibilities. While the King was the King, the Regent was not there to serve only the Monarch but the lands entire, and to be the voice of the unheard when required.
  • Years after their reigns, Phocion stated that he was able to travel extensively in large part due to the trust he had in Lyvyndyr being able to handle the responsibility of leading DS in his and Tristan's absence.
  • Invented safe, usable equipment for Jugging: actual padded, rebounding spikes and skull designs still used today. Cheshire, author of the first Amtgard Rules for Jugging and also a Golden Lion, lived next door to her at the time and was one of the first people to help test the new equipment.
  • Assisted in Rulebook and Corpora re-writes and clarifications, some of which still exist today.
  • Wrote several Quests, writing special rules, providing Quest-specific props and creating new NPCs & Monsters for each one.
  • Known for her Events, Feasts, Demonstrations and general mediation/organizing skills.
  • She did not like or accept 'AST' (Amtgard Standard Time) and instead ran on-time.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Refused to accept any Service orders (Rose, Lion, Flame) after receiving her Flame belt. As a Flame Knight, it was her responsibility, honour and duty to serve. Knighthood is the highest honour given, and she believed that any orders on the same path would have been superfluous.
  • Inactive since late 2001.
  • Recent appearance: Attended the wedding of Dru-Kara and Shadow at Harvest War 2011.
  • Recent appearance: Attended Clan 2012 (29th Year) to reconnect with her beloved Golden Lions.
  • Recent appearance: Attended Clan 2013 (30th Year) to see Golden Lions and as her 20th Anniversary of first joining Amtgard.

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