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Arch Duke Sir Jetara Starlamaine, of the IM

”Better a Has-Been than a 'never will be' .”



The first Knight of the Sword from Dragonspine. Jetara has been the spearhead for the creation of Wavehaven, a prospering Duchy in Dragonspine, as well as a Knight of the Crown of the Empire of the Iron Mountains. He can also swing a pretty mean stick too. Patient as the river flows, and faster than the wind, Jetara will more than likely steal your girlfriend AND kill you with foam. All around nice guy.

Knight of the Sword - Knighted in September 1994 at Dragonspine Coronation by King Aleric of Dragonspine
Knight of the Crown - Knighted in June 2002 at Rakis by Emperor Belgarion of the Iron Mountains
Arch Duke - Given by Emperor Belgarion, June 2002
Duke - Given by Emperor Thor, June 2000
Warlord - Given by Egil, September 1994
Warmaster of Dragonspine - Given by Greywalker, October 1993
Defender - Given by Greywalker, October 1993
Lord - Given by Terarin, February 1993

Secret Identity of Supermonk.

Affiliated Groups

Member of House Chaos

Belted Family

Former squire to Greywalker who was Squire to Andralaine, who was squire to Deth the Direhearted who was squire to Gilos Dawnhope, who was squire to Tawnee Darkfalcon.

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