Aegir's Hall

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A Shire in the Kingdom of Westmarch,located in Lodi, California.




Aegir (pronounced: age-er) was a giant who was renown throughout all of Asgard as the greatest brewer of meads and wines. The Aesir loved his drink so much, they brought him the greatest cauldron ever forged, so that he could brew his meads and wines for them. After long summers of battles, the Aesir would gather at Aegir's Hall to feast and drink, and tell tales of their battles. Though the legend is old. Here at Aegir's Hall we continue that tradition today. Aegir's Hall was founded in Lodi, CA in May of 2011 by Grimbold and Sayge of the Desert.

Aegir's Hall is currently known for holding the biggest and highest level stick fight practices in Westmarch.


Aegir's Hall averages 15-30 people a week.

The Monarchy for Aegir's Hall

Officers Monarch Regent Champion Prime Minister GM Reeves Heir Apparent
Summer 2012 Grimbold Cal-del Harefor Tori Vacant Neum
Spring 2013 Etah Nameloc Cal-del Grimbold Tobi Tordecc
Fall 2013 Etah Nameloc Karcake Kind Tobi Tordecc
Spring 2014 Grimbold pro tem Ragnorok (pro-tem) Tobi Harefor Vacant Vacant
Spring 2016 Tobi Vacant Tordecc Azzmianm Vacant Vacant
Winter 2017 Azzmianm Edwin Gaalthar Thadeus Slowpoke Vacant Vacant
Summer 2017 Vontez DeCreamy Kram Edwin Galthaar Slowpoke Vacant Vacant
Winter 2018 Tobi Kram Lute Cauthon Slowpoke Vacant Vacant
Summer 2018 Slowpoke Vacant Tobi Fifty-Two Vacant Vacant
Summer 2022 Halavere Blackraven Harefor Tchatla Ka’a Caliban Vacant
Winter 2023 Slowpoke Ka'a Harefor Vacant Caliban Vacant

Contacts and Directions

Aegir's Hall meets every Sunday at 12 pm at Katzakian Park in Lodi, CA. We also hold fighter practice at various times and places. Please consult Facebook group for more details.

Katzakian Park 2735 W Turner Rd Lodi, CA 95242

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