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Baronet Squire Fifty-Two, of Aegir's Hall, Westmarch

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"Hey your Brennen right? Look at my bird and now I'm going to show you my dick."Fifty-Two
”He's not very smart”—Fifty-Two describing Nox Vox Caedes

Fifty-Two originally named himself Iroh, but shortly after joining Amtgard Grand Duke Sir Euric asked if he was Aegir's Hall "Kid 52," and from that moment on the name "Fifty-Two" stuck. Fifty-Two started Amtgard in late 2014. Since then he's shown to be a service oriented member of the Kingdom organizing some new and original recruitment drives and demos.

During the War of Darkshore War in 2015, Fifty-Two became a Man at Arms to Lord Etah Landshark. He is also part of the Corsairs company and in Sir Downfall's belted family. He likes getting drunk swinging foam and causing a ruckus.

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