Heir Apparent

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Heir Apparent

A kingdom specific office sprouting from Dragonspine. This office allows under 18 members of the populace to serve in kingdom office and is considered a "training" office. Westmarch has included this office in their Corpora.

From the DS Corpora:


1. Heir Apparent (“Prince”, “Princess”) exists to provide a position for members under the age of 18 to run for during the Crown Qualification process.

2. The Heir Apparent must be under 18 years of age at the beginning of their term in office.

3. The Heir Apparent should (i) assist the Regent in planning feasts, (ii) assist the Champion in conducting at least one monthly equipment check, (iii) serve as a reeve in at least two battlegames and (iv) assist the Prime Minister and Scribe in producing and distributing newsletters.

4. The Heir Apparent may bestow orders with the permission of the Monarch.

5. The Heir Apparent may be removed by joint agreement of the Monarch and Regent.

6. The position of Heir Apparent may be left vacant.

Past Heir Apparents of DS include Anatole Stroke and Puggy.