Sesasha the Siren

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Duchess Chevaleresse Sesasha the Siren, the Barefoot Contessa, the Technomancer of River's End, Desert Winds

”Oh look: my eyes CAN roll out of my skull.”



Sesasha started playing in 2012 in the Duchy of the River's End. She enjoys dressing up and sings operatic bardics.

Affiliated Groups

Dragon Blade Mercenaries, Lady Daggers, and Yarnies

Notable Accomplishments

Knight of the Serpent given by Whiskey Brandybuck 5-2018
Master Dragon given by Rachel Hollyro 12-2017
The Technomancer given by Maura Sydney 12-2023
Lady given by Lireal 2-2013
Baronetess given by Snow Bryna Vixen 2-2014
Baroness given by Ceowulf 12-2014
Viscountess given by Rachel Hollyro 12-2017
Countess given by Thorkel 12-2018
Duchess given by Rocky 12-2023


Treasurer of River's End 8/2023-2/2024
Baroness of River's End 8/2022-5/2023
Regent of Desert Winds 12/2021-5/2022
Regent of Desert Winds 5/2018-11/2018
Scribe of River's End 8/2012-2/2013
Scribe of River's End 8/2013-2/2014
Regent of River's End 10/2016-2/2017
Chancellor of River's End 5/2013-11/2013
Chancellor of River's End 5/2014-11/2014

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