Seaside Keep

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Amtgard Chapter
Seaside Keep
Status Barony of The Northern Lights
City Burnaby, BC
Park Central Park
Meets on Sundays
Founded 2022
Active Active


Originally founded in March 2022, Seaside Keep had a bit of a rocky start primarily due to Vancouver's rainy weather and difficulty finding a location. It wasn't until Winter came around when a sudden surge of people came into the Chapter. Poppy Mirridir, having come from a demo in Portland, was extremely eager to gather as many new people as possible. With aggressive growth strategies and advertisement, they grew the park rapidly through the Winter, nearly reaching Barony levels in the Spring.

Following a hugely successful Anime Revolution convention demo in summer 2023, the park grew to average 25 players and firmly established itself as the largest boffer larp in the greater Vancouver area. It was at this same time that the park was welcomed into the Northern Lights Kingdom and elevated from freehold to Shire.

Current Monarchy

  • Sheriff: Hasting
  • Regent: Sinecwid
  • Chancellor: Croot!
  • Guildmaster of Reeves: Persolus


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