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The Argent Flame is the "Beacon in the Darkness of Adversity." The Argent Flame strives to help serve the kingdom and promote the arts and sciences. As a household, we work to create a positive experience for all members of Amtgard. We stand up for the little guy and put the detractors and ruffians in their place.


The Argent Flame was first formed in 2002 around a core group of friends and family who resided within the Barony of Mithril Hills. Originally built on the driving idea behind Dark Valley, this group used a more basic heraldric device: a black field with a white pile. The Argent Flame was created to do what was necessary to make Amtgard great in Mithril Hills and its sponsoring kingdom: the Valley of the Silver Rains. Due to our actions and our drive to better Amtgard not just for ourselves, but for everyone around us, The Argent Flame was awarded the Order of the Flame from the Baron of Mithril Hills in June of 2002. Due to mundane issues and general apathy from many members, this group was disbanded in 2003.

In 2006, due to differences in philosophy, many members of another Fighting Company called The Black Hand decided to break off and form their own company instead of destroying the existing one. Ultimately problems were arising that would have caused a break in the companies anyway. A clean break was preferable. One of the members who broke off, the then Captain of the Black Hand Darrian de Craymore, was one of a handful of surviving members from the previous Aregent Flame. With help from the other former Black Hand members, the Argent Flame was reborn.


Order of the Flame, given by Baron Anthony Cole (MH), June 16, 2002

Order of the Flame, given by Baroness Aurora (SM), July 12, 2008

Argent Flame Membership

Argent Flame Leadership

Lord of the House - Jack Darkmoon

Master of Camp - Aristiri Skiiesdottir


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