Manama Proster

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Count Sir Manama Proster, of Misty Hollow, Kingdom of the Rising Winds

Manama on the right and his husband Jaiden on the left at Keep on the Borderlands in 2014


Manama started playing in fall of '98 where he played in Crusader's Cove(Now Port of Winter's Night) in the Rising Winds. He joined the military where he was also a part of Goldenvale and Crystal Groves. He is currently in the Shire of Valley by the Coast in the Rising Winds.

Belted Family

Sir Manama Proster (Serpent)

Affiliated Groups


Ferrum Crux

Notable Accomplishments

Sheriff of the Port of Winter's Night for 2 years

Sheriff of the Harbour of Rhye

Baron of the Barony of Sea of Rhye

GMR of the Shire of Harbour of Rhye

Earned Master Bard from Goldenvale

Earned Master Bard from the Crystal Groves (Yes, a second one)

Given the Title Lord, by King Yoshi, June 20th, 2009

Regent of Crystal Groves July 2010-Jan 2011

Given the Title Count by King Trelick, January 2011

Given his Master Dragon by King Tugen, March 2014

Belted Knight of the Serpent by Queen Daedera on June 15, 2015

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