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Sir Ahira Bandylegs, Defender of the Lands that Burn

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Served multiple reigns as King of the Burning Lands.

The first known cross gamer to achieve knighthood in Amtgard and a peerage in the SCA.

Role in Neverwinter's Founding

While King in 1999, visited Silverwater, the first time a member of the Burning Lands Monarchy had traveled out east to visit one of their far-flung groups. At this time he encouraged Silverwater and the other Florida groups to work together to establishing a Floating Crown kingdom in Florida, rather than pursuing a Static Crown. This helped pave the way towards what became the Kingdom of Neverwinter. At this event he also knighted Sir Tonbo, who was the first person to be knighted in Florida, or anywhere in the southeastern United States for that matter.

He played a role in the breakup of the Claw Legion, when after being elected King of the Burning Lands, he and Aramithris had a falling out.

Affiliated Groups

Member of the Claw Legion.

Belted Family

Ahira has had at least one squire join the peerage, Nikos

Notable Accomplishments

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