Kezgar Farrington-Cross

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Duke Sir Kezgar Farrington-Cross of the the Duchy of the Iron Mountains

"Do you want to touch him?"

Who's that guy walking over there that looks like he rapes demigods?


"Men with glistening abs are hot, like the guys in 300, but not Kezgar, because he's scarier than the guys in 300" -Tryn

"I once rubbed him the wrong way. Jazzel was MAD!" -The Great Runestone Lillywinks


Kezgar first entered Amtgard in the BL years ago. Stories abound about Kezgar breaking himself and miscellaneous structures (like bridges). While his prowess is beyond question, his most striking quality is his generosity with his time and knowledge. He is truly an example of chivalry. Married to Jazzel, a Golden Lion.

Affiliated groups

Once a member of the Golden Lions he joined the Star Questing Dragons, Kezgar is once again a member of the Golden Lions.

Notable Accomplishments

Kezgar was dubbed a Knight of the Sword by Emperor Medryn of the Iron Mountains in November of 2006 after having worn a red belt for 16 years.

Served as regent of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains in 2007.

Belted Family

Before his knighting Kezgar was Squired to Sir Lief. Kezgar had three Squires, Sir Loptr, Orin, and Duhtch

Also a former Squire to Sir Talinor; his former squire brother is Sir Balinor Darkwolf


Kezgar has been mistaken many times for Vin Diesel, and been passed off as Vin Diesel's stunt man. When asked by random strangers for autographs, he will usually tell them that they really don't want his autograph. When they insist that they do, he simply signs his own name and smiles.

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