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Well lets see... Kezgar got me hooked on Amtgard in January 2006. He was my church basketball coach and we had a double header one day so between games he hauled us out into the parking lot, threw a few swords at us and then preceded to show off. After that six of us joined Amtgard. Since I live in Brighton about an hour from the park that IMD then played at, it was too far for Kezgar to haul all of us newbies in his van( with his wife and kids, he could only take one of us at a time.) To change this Kezgar, Zumat, Cullum, and us newbies started a new park in Brighton in April. About a month after we started, IMD saw that we had a ton of newbies that wanted to learn so they decieded to moved their park to ours. Later in October I took Tal's job as IMD's PM.

Affiliated Groups

Member of Bellator Adamas

Member of the Wu Tang Clan

Member of Ninja Turtles

Belted Family

Squire to Kezgar

Notable Accomplishments

One of the three Choir Boys. They gave a performance at Clan (06) bardic that demanded an encore. Gotta love those primary church songs of their childhood.

Delievered a wicked nut shot to Tanath at Rakis of '07.

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